2013 WA AIPP Epson Professional Photography Awards – Day 2

What a day... 3 Gold Awards from three Prints in the Portrait category...


The hugest of thanks to my three little mates who worked so hard in the studio for these images. Cole (6) is becoming a veteran subject for me, he has such strong features and the best straight face ever. Poppy (8), with her beautiful long flowing hair, literally punched the air with a Yes! when I told her we might try shooting with the fan on her : ) ...and Maxie (5), who has the most amazing face and blue eyes - and the tightest blonde curls you'll ever see... of which Poppy and her sisters were completely jealous of! Lolly-bags-from-hell coming your way dudes (sorry parents).

So 4 Gold Awards and 1 Silver from 6 prints entered this year and I'm going home happy, to enjoy a drink with the family - especially Zac (11) who was my assistant for all three shoots and handled the props and talent with professionalism... although it can be hard to ask a 5 year old to relax their face when there's an assistant behind you pulling faces at them : )

A special thanks also to Ben Walton and Trevor Donetta from Team Digital - for organising the hire of their PhaseOne medium format digital System for these shoots. The IQ140 (40 megapixel) medium format Digital Back is unbelievable to use - the images have a dynamic range out of this world and resolve to some of the sharpest images I've ever worked on... if you get a chance to hire one from the boys - don't hesitate. It seriously makes you shoot smarter and better.

Hope you enjoy these images.