New business. New Website. New Blog.

You've gotta update your blog... you've gotta update your blog...

An all too common mantra that somehow seems to find itself at the back of the queue, again and again. Well NO MORE! (fingers crossed : )

Alan McDonald is one of my great mates and a freakishly good photographer to boot. We've had the privilege of building a photography business together from scratch over the last 7 years. Amac and Wise Photography. We've shot nearly every wedding together - and had an absolute ball doing it.

Over 200 odd weddings down and it's time for the next challenge.

Welcome to 27Creative PhotographyDesign

Let me keep you up-to-date with what's happening. Favourite images from the latest weddings. Family sessions that have inspired me. Perhaps a fine-art image or two that I'm working on. Anything that gets the creative juices flowing really...

Please also pay a visit to Al's new site AMACimages - he is still also heavily shooting weddings alongside some beautiful fine-art photography.

So, a quick image to start things off.

This is my son Zac. He's 10 ("turning 11 in two weeks!" he's just called out...) The image has had pretty minimal work done to it besides the texture overlay. He looks about 15. Taken on the PhaseOne with the old P25+ back and 80mm f2.8.